Shanghai haul! Part 1

Hi everyone! So I did abit of shopping yesturday in shanghai I went to the super brand mall and just around the area I lived. I went to many small boutiques so I might not be able to list at exact brand sorry! There will definitely be more hauls so this will be part 1.


When I went to the super brand mall I got a chance to go into the newly opened innisfree! I was super excited when I saw the shop because I didn’t get any innisfree products in Korea. But then I noticed that all the prices were much higher in shanghai so I decided to just get 2 items. I got their rice sleeping pack 15rmb and their nail polish 40rmb. Next I also went to Watsons where I got the hair thing. I like these for when I’m doing my makeup, to keep my hair out of my face I got these for 10rmb for 2 a great deal! Also I went to the l’herboflore counter where I got their strawberry yogurt whitening mask for 12rmb.



Next I have the things that I got from the shops around my house! I went to this cute shop that was selling a lot of beauty items and hair accessories . I got everything in this pic from there,the double eyelid tape was 6rmb, hair clamp 10rmb, bow studs 27rmb, ear ring 18rmb, lashes, 29rmb, hair bow 6rmb, booby pins 3.80 rmb, hair ties 3rmb.


I also got some socks and shoes. I got this pair of flats from a random shoe shop for 27rmb! Such a good deal!! They are a gorgeous Tiffany blue with 2 white bows. I also got a couple pairs of socks from different stores, aren’t they adorable?


Cute stationary!!!! I absolutely love asain stationary they have the cutest designs and are very good quality! I got these all in different shops. I espisally like the 2 whiteouts in the shapes of a carrot and giraffe I got these for around 5 rmb each. I also got a bunch if different pens, pencils, and highlighters!


BONUS! Lol I had to include some snacks I got at the kedi convenience store. They had all different flavours of Oreos! I think I screamed a little just a little, I decided to get the green tea which tastes amazing its super refreshing and yummy I will definitely be trying out all the flavours! I also got some different kinds of pocky, yogurt, and my favourite banana milk ❤

Thanks for reading I will be going to Singapore and Malaysia for a 5 day trip tomorrow. So I will defiantly blog about that to!

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