Shanghai haul! Part 1

Hi everyone! So I did abit of shopping yesturday in shanghai I went to the super brand mall and just around the area I lived. I went to many small boutiques so I might not be able to list at exact brand sorry! There will definitely be more hauls so this will be part 1.


When I went to the super brand mall I got a chance to go into the newly opened innisfree! I was super excited when I saw the shop because I didn’t get any innisfree products in Korea. But then I noticed that all the prices were much higher in shanghai so I decided to just get 2 items. I got their rice sleeping pack 15rmb and their nail polish 40rmb. Next I also went to Watsons where I got the hair thing. I like these for when I’m doing my makeup, to keep my hair out of my face I got these for 10rmb for 2 a great deal! Also I went to the l’herboflore counter where I got their strawberry yogurt whitening mask for 12rmb.



Next I have the things that I got from the shops around my house! I went to this cute shop that was selling a lot of beauty items and hair accessories . I got everything in this pic from there,the double eyelid tape was 6rmb, hair clamp 10rmb, bow studs 27rmb, ear ring 18rmb, lashes, 29rmb, hair bow 6rmb, booby pins 3.80 rmb, hair ties 3rmb.


I also got some socks and shoes. I got this pair of flats from a random shoe shop for 27rmb! Such a good deal!! They are a gorgeous Tiffany blue with 2 white bows. I also got a couple pairs of socks from different stores, aren’t they adorable?


Cute stationary!!!! I absolutely love asain stationary they have the cutest designs and are very good quality! I got these all in different shops. I espisally like the 2 whiteouts in the shapes of a carrot and giraffe I got these for around 5 rmb each. I also got a bunch if different pens, pencils, and highlighters!


BONUS! Lol I had to include some snacks I got at the kedi convenience store. They had all different flavours of Oreos! I think I screamed a little just a little, I decided to get the green tea which tastes amazing its super refreshing and yummy I will definitely be trying out all the flavours! I also got some different kinds of pocky, yogurt, and my favourite banana milk ❤

Thanks for reading I will be going to Singapore and Malaysia for a 5 day trip tomorrow. So I will defiantly blog about that to!

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Hi everyone’s I’m actaully at the airport right now but I did do my nails last night so I decided to do a notd post!


Jelly nails!! I finally got to do the jelly sandwich combo and I absolutely love the result it’s adorable! I put one layer of a jelly pink polish from opi then over that I put 1 layer of the hard candy glittery polish then another layer of the opi. I’m definitely going to be doing this again!

What’s in my travel makeup bag?


Hi everyone! So tomorrow I’m going to be going to shanghai! Also ill be going to Singapore,Malaysia,and a pit stop in Seoul! I will be gone for 2 and a half weeks. Here’s what I’m going to be bringing on my trip.


First off here are my eye products. I’m only going to bring 1 eyeshadow palette this time because the urban decay naked 2 has it all. Also i will be bringing my favourite lash glue the duo lash glue. Also 3 Paris of the ardell 301’s, Mac prolong wear paintpot in chilled on ice,2 bobbi brown long wear gel liners in black ink and sepia ink,Anastasia brow gel, maybelline mascaras in mega plush and the rocket,buxom insider eyeliner in black jasper,sephora waterproof retractable liner in black,and urban decay 24/7 waterproof liquid liner in perversion. Sorry for the boring list but didn’t know how else to put it ^^


Next we have the face products! So ill be bringing my favourite bronzer of all time, the benefit hoola <3. Next I have the Laura mercier secret concealer in 3 I use this on any acne I have. Another concealer Im bringing is the nature republic botanical vanilla stick concealer which I use for my under eyes. Now time for another product list I'm also bringing my loreal magic perfecting base which is a amazing primer, loreal bb cream in light,makeup forever hd powder, and the benefit watts up which I use for highlighting my nose bridge.


Yayyy time for my favourite part lippies!! This time I decided to only bring 4 lipsticks since ill definitely be buying more there. One of my favourite lip stick formulas of all time is the ysl glossy balms they are extremely smooth and mosterizeg so I’m obviously bringing one, it is in 5 mouthwatering berry. Next I have the Paul and joe lipstick in number 301 it’s a beautiful sheer pinky colour,and the maybelline whisper in coral ambition 35 a gorgeous peachy coral perfect for the spring ❤


So here’s some more LIPPIES! First I have one of my favourite lip products of the moment loreals new shine caress stain, it’s perf I absolutely love it! I have it in rose on and on. Next I have the annasui lip gloss c in 301 it’s extremely glossy and goes well with any lipstick! Lastly I have the nature republic stain girls tint in number 2, this is an extremely long wearing pinky red stain.


BONUS! Here are some of my airplane must haves! I have to have a lip balm balm because airplane air is extremely dry and tend to dry out your lips a lot the one in the picture is the eos lip balm from the Alice in wonderland collection. I also have to have any kind of facial mist this time I’m bringing the Evian facial spray it’s extremely refreshing and it’s pretty moisturizing. Lastly and most importantly I have a mask i love masks on long flights because when everyone’s sleeping and the lights dim I can give my skin a special treat! This time I’m bringing the nature republic Shea butter mask sheet!

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Also if you would like a review on any of these things please comment below. ^^

Collective haul! ^^


Hi everyone! Today I have another haul for you. I recently went to the mall with my friends on Friday and I went today with my mom on Sunday. So here’s what I got!


So I went to forever21 today and I picked up this gorgeous striped blazer. That’s perfect for the spring. If you didn’t know black and white stripes are huge for spring this year! I got it in a size small. It was $35.80 a steal!


Next I picked up some basics. I got their plain white tank top for $4.80 in a size small. A basic everyone needs. I also picked up a pair of thick black tights with two black lines down the middle of each leg, giving a very nice thinning effect! I picked these up because I’m going to shanghai next week and it’s still freezing there 😦 I got them for $27.80 in XS.


On Friday when I went to the mall with my friends I picked up 3 pairs of my favourite lashes of all time! The ardell 301’s there extremely natural and you can’t even tell that they are fake!


I also picked up a nailpolish from the new opi the great oz collection! I think I had to go to at least five salons until I could find this! But it was totally worth it .it is a beautiful polish it has square glitter like things in them. It’s extremely unique and different, totally recommend it! I also love the name “lights of emerald city”. It was a little over $10 after tax.


Lastly I picked up the Essie 5 day grow. Since lately my nails have been extremely weak and they keep breaking 😦 so I thought this might help. So far it seems like it’s working, but I will do a review on this later on. I got this at super store for $10 before tax 🙂

Seattle haul <3


Hi beauties! Today I went to Seattle, I went to the Bellingham outlet and bellis fair mall. I didn’t get anything at the outlet except some presents, but I did get some gorg things frm zee mall. Well here’s some of my picssss.


K so my mother got me this. lts an Abercrombie and Fitch tote bag. I got it for my trip to Malaysia and Singapore this month, Ill be blogging bout tht to! Im absolutely in love with it, isnt it adorbs<3


Next, I also went to tarjayy and Walmart. At tarjayy I got the loreal nail polish-VIP status 106, sally hansen in mint sorbet 340, and,the new maybelline rocket mascara in brown-black waterproof. Then at Walmart I got the 3 hard candy nail polishes gummy green-pixie pink-sweet tooth, maybelline whisper in coral ambition, and lastly from the new drew berry Moore flower collection the lip butter in princess & the peony.


Lastly I got things from forever 21!! I love forever 21 like its perf. I only got 2 things this time but I absolutely adore both ❤ I got a quarter length sleeve peplum striped top. And a jean jacket with collar detailing ❤

Hope you enjoyed this haul! please comment below if you would like a review on any of these things!

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Notd <3


Hi beauties, I did my nails today ❤
I decided to do pastel colours today.since I can't wait for spring to come!On my ring finger is love and beauty's pink, it's a light pink colour with abit of shimmer. On the rest of my nails I have on Essie mint candy apple, a light mint colour.

Hope you enjoyed today's post ❤ ^^

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